About Monica

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I am here so you can have your cake and eat it too, by providing the flexibility of an online lending service while still giving you the personal touch you would expect from an independent boutique practice.

We know what you're thinking… you've seen 'The Big Short' and aren't money lenders meant to be the BAD GUYS?

The great thing about ‘The Big Short’ is it shows what happens when loan brokers and banks get it wrong. It’s one of the reasons I started my own business, so I could move away from the cookie cutter model I would usually have to follow if work for one of the McDonalds of the industry.

Not all home loan brokers (or bankers for that matter) are sharks. In fact my first experience with a loan broker proved the opposite. It’s one of the main reasons I became so interested in the industry.

Why I Became A Home Loan Broker

I’ve always been drawn to the reliability of figures and the experiences of individuals.

At university I studied Accounting and Public Relations and went on to get a graduate position with one of the top four banks . After almost 9 years working in 3 key areas of the bank, including lending to idividuals and small business, I had the opportunity to set some new goals while on maternity leave. It was at this time I realised I wanted to take my banking knowledge and my desire to help people have great life experiences and became a qualified loan adviser.

My job is all about making your individual goal a great experience , cutting through sometimes overwhelming paperwork so you can get the financial assistance you need to do the things you want—whether that’s buying your first car, owning your own home or starting up a new business.

My Story

I grew up as the daughter of Polish immigrants who taught me the value of hard work and the importance of not only your family but the community around you.

It was when I worked at the bank that I got my first insight into the positive and life changing experience that getting the right amount of funding in the right time frame can have on individuals.

I really enjoyed seeing how the facts and figures worked together to support a clients goals and objectives in order to bring to life a project they had dreamed and pined towards.

It has been since this time that I am determined to positively impact the individuals, families and community around me through my actions as a business owner.

Start with a Loan Strategy Report

We love being able to tailor our services to custom fit each individual’s needs. And because we see each of you as part of the Smarter Lending Services family, we want to foster a relationship that sees all your financial lending requirements catered for, not only for the first few years, but long into the future.