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Our loan strategy report is a unique to industry approach to providing you with all the information you need to make a confident decision.

Are you considering upgrading your living situation and are:

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are definitely not alone. With so many changes happening in the banking industry most people find running around dealing with the banks to be overwhelming…

There is a better way!

Over the last 11 years Monica Emerich has helped 100s of homeowners and small business owners realise how straight forward the process can be when seeking finance.

Introducing, the Loan Strategy Report, taking you from confused to confident in 3 simple steps.

Monica has created a very unique to industry approach to providing advice to her clients. Monica believes that as a Finance Broker it is her obligation to place the client first. Because of this she believes in transparency and providing all the numbers for you to make a confident decision on you long term lending needs.

Smarter Lending’s Loan Strategy Report is the clear and comprehensive report you need to help make a confident decision on which lender and which loan product will benefit you well into the future…

Knowing your numbers

Getting to know your long term financial needs is the most important step in creating a loan strategy report. This is why we personalise each report to your objectives and link detailed considerations to each objective.

Decisive choices

Each report contains a list of ideal lenders which match directly with your long term objectives. The report will outline your borrowing ability, government and bank charges and how much deposit you need to reach your objectives.

Assistance to approval

We believe you should feel confident when making such an important decision. Smarter Lending provides you with all the numbers to help you understand how to achieve your objectives.

Once you make the decision on which lender you would like to use, we help you through the application process and directly deal with bank assessors all the through to settlement and beyond.

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